Manchester United receive 60 million pounds per year from new sponsors.

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Manchester United are in talks with a new shirt sponsor that could bring in £60 million a year. Manchester United is looking for a new shirt sponsor because of TeamViewer. A German software company announced last year that there were no plans to renew the football contract further.

The Red Devils and Viewer have reached an agreement. That gives the club the conditions to buy back the chest sponsor right. and can secure a new sponsor before the 5-year contract expires. Which begins in 2021 UFABET

The Athletic, a famous media outlet reports that. Manchester United is now in talks with “Qualcomm,” an American company that deals in electronics and telecommunications equipment to become a new shirt chest sponsor.

The Old Trafford team already has a good relationship with Qualcomm having previously promoted its subsidiary Snapdragon. Which powers smartphones and PCs games and many other technologies.

If all goes well, Manchester United will receive £60m a year from Qualcomm for the new chest sponsor.

Previously, TeamViewer requested cancellation of the sponsor contract in advance. From the contract until 2026. But the name will remain on the chest of this season’s kit until a new sponsor is found.

However, even after getting a new sponsor. But it is expected that the shirt chest sponsor will begin changing next season. Because they don’t want it to affect the shirts that were previously sold to football fans.