Grealish is fed up media calling the boat to the end of the golden era.

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Jack Grealish, Manchester City attacker is tired of the news being presented sideways. It undermines the morale of some media agencies. about their recent achievements. Which continued their success as the end of the golden era. Even though the truth is that they are only 4 points behind the leaders of the English Premier League.

The former champions have lost four consecutive league games. Until just unlocking over Luton Town 2-1 at the weekend. They had increased to 33 points after 16 matchdays, behind Liverpool, who scored 37 points at this time ทางเข้า UFABET 

Even if the score gap is within the range to catch up. But many critics have omitted City’s name from the list of contenders for the 2023-24 league title. Which Grealish believes is too hasty. Even though there are more than 22 games left in the queue.

“I think most people are trying to act like this is a major crisis. Even though it’s not true.” Opening your mouth via ‘BBC Radio Manchester’

” We are just four points behind the leaders and will travel to Saudi Arabia next week to compete for the FIFA Club World Cup to maintain our status as the best team in the world .” 

“We lost only once out of our last four games, all against high-quality opponents.”

“Look at Arsenal’s performance and compare, can they beat Chelsea? Well no, Villa no? Spurs? Well, no – they couldn’t beat any of those teams.”

“But when it comes to Manchester City, we can’t do it. It becomes a disaster, etc.”  

The latest English Premier League championship odds for the 2023-24 season from William Hill give Manchester City the favorite at 10/11 (bet 11, pay 10, not including funds). Followed by Liverpool (11/4) and Arsenal (10/3)