Chelsea are in contention as Rafael Leao demands the highest

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Chelsea are in contention as Rafael Leao demands the highest wages on a new contract in AC Mlan history.

Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League Football. There is a chance to win a deal for Rafael Leao, the star player under AC Milan, when he expressed the need for a new contract. That would make him receive the highest wages as a record for the Red Devils.

Watched throughout Europe when hot form became a key player for the partisans, Rossoneri killed 14 goals and 12 assists to lead the team to the Serie A title last season with Serie A’s current contract. The news is coming to an end in the summer of 2024,

Italia reveal that Milan have shown a desire to keep Leao committed to a long-term contract, but the need to raise his wages has become a major problem at this time. Especially when the Portuguese national team striker recently replaced the agent in charge of the negotiations.

Sky say Leao wants his salary to hit the base £8.7million a year. It is the highest wages in Milan’s history, with the report also pointing to a huge wage event that had already occurred when he was still at Sporting Lisbon

Hm Potter once praised the 23-year-old when the Blues faced Milan in the Champions League. the group stage that “You’ve seen Leao’s skills and abilities, he’s obviously part of a strong team. And we have to respect him (when Leao still has a contract as a player for Milan).”